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An ominous sound

Last week I was in a hurry to get home. It was Friday evening and an intense work week layed behind me. The purchases for the next two days were in my Loredana Ice Blue . All I wanted was to go home and take a bath.

As is so often the case on a Friday evening, the traffic was more stop than go. The Loredana dangled quietly on the hook behind my driver's seat. Only I was impatient. Why wasn't it progressing? – Finally, the traffic light turned green and I accelerated. At the last second I noticed that the driver in front wasn't quite as fast and I hit the brakes hard.

I felt the shopper with the purchases crash my seat from behind. A dull clinking sound didn't bode well.


Sometimes life is messy

I was able to avoid the collision with the other car. But not the collision of the strawberry jam and honey jar.


The two crashed into each  other with full force.

In my previously elegant bag it looked like after a fight between two
ketchup bottles.

I put on rubber gloves and carefully cleared shards
and purchases from my vegan bag.

Then I let the bath water in - for my Loredana.


Washable bags – sustainable fashion can be so cool!

Of course, when I bought my bag, I have been told that it is washable. I just had never done that before. So now it was time to test whether the bag delivered what ROSSIS promised.

I ran some lukewarm water into the sink and dipped my Loredana
in it. The jam came off smooth, the vegan leather immediately. However, the textile inside had really absorbed the dark strawberry red.

Loredana in the sink

I took a brush and some soap and gently rubbed out the stains.

It didn't take long and my favorite shopper was clean again.

Isn't that incredibly cool? A vegan leather bag that you can wash! This is how sustainable fashion is simply fun.


Laura goes Inside ROSSIS

While my bag dries, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I'm Laura and I write Inside ROSSIS, the blog at rossis.com. This is about:

- everything about and from ROSSIS
- vegan leather bags, sustainable bags, washable bags, elegant bags…
- sustainable fashion
- about your questions on all these topics


Off in to the bathtub

Loredana freshly washed

My Loredana is not yet dry. But clean.

It's time for me to take a bath now.

If you have any questions about a ROSSIS product and the topics listed above, write me at service@rossis.com


Your Laura


btw: My Loredana was dry by the next morning (about 3 p.m.)!