Creative mind and founder

Francesco Rossi

My space:

As a creative mind, I am responsible for planning, developing and designing new collections and models.

Why I am at ROSSIS:

Even after over 30 years, I still enjoy looking for new, environmentally friendly and modern materials for our products.

My passions:

I'm fascinated by discovering new things. I deal with the latest technologies from many different areas. As often as possible I travel on foot or by e-bike in the forest or along a river.


Lilian Schönbächler

My space:

I take care of customer service, finances and (almost) everything administrative.

Why I am at ROSSIS:

The combination of a long-established Swiss fashion label that produces high-quality products using the latest technology and innovative materials fascinates me.

My passions:

I love paddling across Lake Shilsee on a warm summer day with SUP and wading through freshly fallen snow on snowshoes in winter, as well as spending a lovely evening with lovely people.

Internal sales & marketing employee

Sara Brunner

My space:

My job is internal sales. I also manage the social media channels and the web shop.

Why I am at ROSSIS:

In our small team, everyone's skills and commitment are required. There are always new tasks and I learn something new almost every day. I really like that.

My passions:

A warm summer breeze on the skin, with a view of the sea, that's how every day could start for me! Fitness and traveling are among my great passions. I live out my creativity and joy of experimentation through fashion.

company development

2022: Launch of POP UP stores at retailers such as PKZ, Leder Locher and LOEB

2022: After 21 years, ROSSIS Shop Torgasse moves to Löwenstrasse 1 in Zurich due to renovations

2019: New Vegan Line is presented.

2010: Regular “I was a bottle” line in stores

2010: The trademark “I was a bottle” is registered

2008: Participation in the study on CO2 reduction at ETH Zurich and start of product development “I was a bottle”.

2001: Launch of the first web shop

2000: Opening of the flagship store at Torgasse 1 in Zurich

1996: Zurich's first pop-up store with vegan accessories

1993: First bag collection for the Zurich bike courier companies Traffic Jam & FLASH under the brand "ROSSIS"

1986: Francesco Rossi founded ROSSIS

Further exciting materials are in production and will be presented later this year. We keep you up to date. See you soon!
Francesco Rossi .

Francesco Rossi at the

Den of the lions