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Resourceful developers weave new fabrics from old clothes and innovative designers use them to create elegant, sustainable bags . This is Recycling Mode 2.0

“Sustainable fashion also works in modern design”

“A shopper made out of old clothes?” my friend Antonia asked in astonishment. I had just told her about the current ROSSIS recycling fashion project. "Pretty cool huh!" I returned. She was still looking at me with astonishment. “Are they patchwork bags then?” she asked. I had to laugh out loud. Antonia had just moved here from Germany a few weeks ago. She had little to do with sustainable fashion. Because she was of the opinion that it always looked so "hand-knitted". She preferred fashion from well-known labels.

"ROSSIS is a well-known Zurich fashion label," I explained to her. "They make very elegant bags and accessories. Francesco Rossi, the designer, is a pioneer in recycling fashion . He started 15 years ago with a fabric made of PET To develop recycling sustainable bags and backpacks."

Old clothes + plastic waste = recycling shopper Mika Tex

Antonia looked at me with wide eyes. "From old PET bottles"? she asked, amazed. I showed Antonia my Lina phone case from ROSSIS. " Vegan leather on the outside , recycled PET material on the inside." "Wow, I like the reduced design. Really très chic. Is the new shopper made from old clothes fabric just as great?"

I took my cell phone out of the phone case and showed Antonia the pictures that Francesco had sent me two hours earlier. "Oh nice. A really elegant shopper,” said Antonia. "How do you make such beautiful fabric out of old clothes?".

I read her what TEXAID had told about it: 'The fabric is a mixture of 50% used textiles that we, TEXAID, have collected in Germany and Switzerland. White cotton textiles that can no longer be worn were sorted out in our sorting facility in Apolda, Germany. The other 50% is made up of plastic waste that may end up in the ocean and is salvaged and recycled by Unifi .

The cotton material was shredded by Marchi & Fildi in Biella, IT , who then spun the recycled cotton and recycled polyester fibers into a yarn. This yarn was woven into a fabric by Tessitura Casoni.TFC .'

Limited Edition Mika TEX - Secure your innovative, sustainable and elegant shopper

Antonia was impressed. “Now I understand why you call this recycling fashion 2.0. This is much more a design bag than a recycling bag ! Very nice." I laughed, “yes, that's ROSSIS. By the way, the lining is made of GOTS-certified cotton so that it matches the outer fabric”. "I really want this shopper," said Antonia. “Where can I buy it?”. "You can't buy it yet. But you should pre-order it soon, because it will only be a limited edition!” Antonia's eyes shone. "Then I have to reserve one right away, can you do that for me?" "Sure," I replied, "your name comes right after mine on the list." We both laughed.

If you would also like to secure the first Swiss shopper made from old textiles, contact service@rossis.com as soon as possible. There will be only 60 pieces of the shopper Mika TEX!

Your Laura