Selling sustainable handbags is first and foremost an inner conviction

Whenever I tell a colleague that I write the blog for ROSSIS, I hear 'I used to have a bag like that!' Some women have cherished their ROSSIS bag for over 30 years and talk about it like a dear friend.

Bags that will last a generation are irrefutable proof that ROSSIS is a pioneer in sustainable handbags . But if the bags live so long, who buys new sustainable handbags ? Wouldn't it be more lucrative to sell bags with a shorter lifespan?


City 1 model after 18 years of use

18 year old ROSSIS bag

"Anyone who, like ROSSIS, has been developing sustainable handbags for 30 years , does so primarily out of an inner conviction," says Lili, COO of ROSSIS. “The fact that the bags are not only beautiful but also sustainable has always been important to Francesco. From the beginning he experimented with all kinds of materials. His urge to always find better raw materials for sustainable handbags has been unbroken for 30 years".

“From an economic point of view, it would be more lucrative to stick with one material and use it to produce as many bags as possible. But that wouldn't be Francesco," says Lili.

When is a bag a sustainable handbag ?

“Is Francesco an eco fundi?” I ask. Lili laughs out loud. "It's definitely not a term that suits him. I would describe him as a sustainable designer. It is important to him, and to all of us at ROSSIS, that we use nature's resources carefully. Francesco has been bringing this conviction to his work as a designer for 30 years”.

“The term sustainability is used very broadly today. When is a ROSSIS bag a sustainable handbag ?” I ask Lili. “Of course, this includes materials that are produced in a way that conserves resources. But for us, a sustainable handbag also means that you can enjoy it for a long time. All ROSSIS bags are washable. That way they stay beautiful for a long time. In addition, our design is very reduced. Our bags are not fashionable, they are timelessly elegant. They go with every outfit today, tomorrow and the day after. For us, that is what makes a sustainable handbag .”

ROSSIS celebrates sustainable handbags and gives you 15% off Lara Blumenwiese

“You are celebrating two anniversaries this year. Once 30 years of vegan handbags and then another 15 years of PET recycling. Could one say that ROSSIS is celebrating the sustainable handbag this year ? ”. "Absolutely. We took the two anniversaries as an opportunity to test completely new and innovative materials for our sustainable handbags . One result is the shopper Mika TEX ( see blog from 5.5.23 ) which will be released as a limited edition at the beginning of June. Another project made of new, innovative material will be presented in autumn / winter”.

"Oh, I'm excited! Do you know more?" I ask Lili. But she just smiles and says nothing. We already know that from the ROSSIS team, they are all so unbelievably secretive!

Sustainable handbag made from 100% PET recycling

"If you have so much to celebrate, are there gifts?" "Of course! Until the end of May we are giving all blog readers a 15% discount on the Lara flower meadow. It consists of 100% PET recycling, is washable and can be worn as a singel colored or as a patterned bag. A truly sustainable handbag !” “I would say so too. Thank you, Lili."

Your Laura