Anyone who wants to shop vegan in Zurich searches for vegan Zurich and only finds food

Today it's about vegan Zurich . You think that's a strange term? I understand that! I felt the same way. So here is the history: My friend Antonia is vegan. Wherever she is, she searches online for shops, hotels, clothes, etc.

In April she moved from Germany to Switzerland. After a few weeks she wanted to buy new clothes. As a convinced vegan, she only considered sustainable fashion that was completely vegan. So she searched with the term ' vegan Zurich '. What she found was a long list of restaurants but no vegan fashion. She came to me very disappointed. “Laura, there are no vegan fashion shops in Zurich?” I had to laugh. "Just because the search term vegan Zurich doesn't list any vegan clothing stores doesn't mean they don't exist."

The Collectiv: not a restaurant and yet vegan Zurich 

Two days later we went together to Kirchgasse in Zurich. A new shop opened there last autumn opposite the well-known Thai restaurant Ban Son Thai . It's called “The Collectiv” and is run jointly by Secret of Nature and ROSSIS.

" Vegan Zurich and yet not a restaurant," I said to Antonia, laughing, as we entered the store. “Oh wow”, she said and was already looking at the ROSSIS bags. “I didn't know there were so many models of ROSSIS bags,” she says while already admiring herself in the mirror with an Ella Lux Olive Cactus . Only now did she notice that there were also dresses in this shop.

“Are they vegan too?” she asked me. "Well, if I promise you vegan Zurich , you'll get vegan Zurich, too ," I replied, laughing. “These are bamboo clothes”. “How now, clothes made of bamboo? I didn't even know it existed!"

Bamboo yarn is currently the most environmentally friendly textile material 

Brigitte, the owner of Secret of Nature, came to us. “Bamboo is not that common in clothes yet. But it is currently the most environmentally friendly material to make clothes from”. Antonia and I touched a shirt that Brigitte showed us. It felt incredibly soft.

"Bamboo is breathable, antibacterial and odorless," said Brigitte, while Antonia was already trying on a wrap jacket. "Yes really, even softer than silk," she said enthusiastically and already took another piece of clothing from the stand.

While Antonia tried on more clothes, I asked Brigitte about the textile material bamboo. It only takes about three years before it can be harvested and it does not require any pesticides. Bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber that is extracted from the bamboo plant. They are biodegradable. That is what makes these clothes so sustainable.”

Tell me what you're looking for and I'll give you 10 francs

I was impressed by the textile material bamboo dresses. Apparently Antonia too, she not only bought the wrap jacket, but also a T-shirt. When we left the shop she said "thanks, I wouldn't have found this cool vegan shop without you!". That got me thinking. If you only find restaurants under vegan Zurich , how do people who want to shop vegan and sustainably find vegan fashion?

That's why I come to you today with a question: How do you, dear readers, look for vegan / sustainable fashion? Write to me at and win a CHF 10 voucher for ROSSIS products!

I look forward hearing your answers.

Your Laura