Ortlieb and Lara - two robust bags for a carefree bike tour

Last summer I went on a bike tour with friends. In six stages, we went from Romanshorn on Lake Constance to Lausanne on Lake Geneva. Like many cyclists, I have Ortlieb bags on my bike. I find it ideal. A waterproof, durable bag that's easy to assemble and stays put even on bumpy trails.

However, I didn't want to take both bags away every night. Especially since I didn't always needed everything. So I packed all my things in two Laras by ROSSIS. They fit perfectly in the Ortlieb bag and I could only take out the one I required.

A robust bag for the summer must be washable

On the third day of our bike tour we took a lunch break at a swimming pool. After cooling down, we smeared ourselves with sunscreen again and then cycled to our overnight stay. When I got there, I saw that my sunscreen tube wasn't closed properly.

"Oh no, the beautiful bag," my friend Claudia exclaimed in horror when she saw Lara with the sunscreen. "It doesn't matter," I replied calmly. "They go in the washing machine with the clothes." Claudia looked at me in astonishment. "Really now"? "Sure," I said, and stuffed them into the washing machine in our Airbnb apartment with all the other clothes. The next day my clothes and my lara were clean and dry again.

Sturdy bags can also be elegant

Sturdy bags are nothing new. Outdoor fans have known this for a long time. Sustainable, robust bags have also been on the market for several years. They are perfect for camping, hiking and cycling holidays. But honestly, you don't want to sit down with your loved one for a candlelight dinner in a nice restaurant by the sea.

That's why I used to take two bags with me on vacation. An elegant one for the evening and a robust bag for the day that I could also wash if a drink spilled or a chocolate bar melted by the sun.

Today I'm taking my Loredana Rose Dust with me . It goes perfectly with all my summer dresses, in a trendy beach bar as well as in an elegant restaurant. And if something spills, I just wash it out.

You should pay attention to this when you buy a robust bag for the summer

I used to buy the right bag for every occasion. After a single use, these often lay around for years before they ended up in the clothing collection.

Today I try to buy “as well as and” bags. In other words, bags that not only fit for one purpose (beach vacation, bike vacation, city trip), but for as many purposes as possible.

Pay attention to these points when buying a sturdy bag for the summer:

  • A robust bag must be washable. Ideally in the machine
  • A summer bag should have rather light colors
  • The bag itself should have a low weight
  • You should be able to use the bag for at least two areas (e.g. beach and city stroll)

So, now I wish you relaxing and happy summer holidays!

Your Laura