Many questions and surprising answers on a current topic

"Why doesn't ROSSIS do sales like everyone else?"

This is the question I asked Lili, COO (Chief Operating Officer) of ROSSIS, when I heard that the Zurich designer was launching a handbag outlet in stores and online. Many stores have a sale several times a year. ROSSIS, on the other hand, recently introduced an outlet in their own stores and online shop. "Why don't you call it a sale like the others?" I asked Lili.

ROSSIS makes sustainable products,” she began. “Our bags are simple, elegant and will still go with any contemporary outfit five years from now. So we don't end up with a lot of obsolete items after every season that we need to get rid of quickly in a sale ." I looked questioningly at Lili. "But isn't outlet practically the same as sale?"


Lili thought for a moment. In our usage, sale is more of a short-term thing. A quick sell off of seasonal surplus. Outlet, on the other hand, is more of a long-term thing, not just for a few weeks.”


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Why do you even need a handbag outlet ?

If the ROSSIS bags are timeless, why is there a handbag outlet at all ?” Lili smiles. "That's a good question. As a design label, we always want to develop something new. Of course we would like to keep the existing models running. But of course that's not possible. That's why we always sort out models and colors that aren't doing so well anymore."

“Is the outlet a clearance?” I ask. “Not exclusively. If we decide to no longer produce a model or color, it goes to the outlet. For us, the handbag outlet is not just about clearing the warehouse. We would also like to give our regular customers the chance to buy their favorite bag while we still have enough of it. ”



Well-deserved retirement for a ROSSIS primal rock

“I looked at the products in the new handbag outlet . There are some models that I was very surprised that ended up there. For example, the Aqua 1 and Aqua 2 , which are, so to speak, among the “original rocks” of ROSSIS. Are you going to bring new colors here or are you actually discontinuing this model?” I ask Lili.

“The Aqua is a good example. She has long been one of the most important models of ROSSIS. In recent years, however, demand has fallen sharply. And even our biggest partners like PKZ Women , Coop City , Loeb , Lederlocher did n't want to include the bag in their range . We thought long and hard about what to do. The Aqua is very popular with our regular customers. That's why they came up with new colors and materials last year . Unfortunately, this did not bring the desired sales either. Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs, we cannot continue to offer a product that does not deliver the desired figures just for the fun of it. It is therefore with a heavy heart that we have now decided to let Aqua go into well-deserved retirement.”

Vegan shoulder bag Aqua is retiring at Handbags Outlet

An opportunity for regular customers and bargain hunters

“You said that the handbag outlet is a chance for regular customers to get another copy of their favorite bag. I also have seeen many smaller items there, such as wallets and Toiletries. They also make good gifts”.

“Yes, the outlet is a great opportunity for both regular customers and bargain hunters. There are many beautiful items at really unbeatable prices. The mobile phone cases are also indispensable companions, especially now in summer. By the way, they won't go away completely. Here we just do a color cleanup. Just like with the wallets and toiletry bags.”

"Hmm, I don't have a cell phone case from ROSSIS yet," I thought out loud. "I think I'll go shopping now too." “ Do that ”, laughed Lili, “ before the best pieces are gone !”

In fact, I not only bought a mobile phone case, but also an XL Shopper Mike for the summer holidays 😉

Your Laura