With le shop vegan, ROSSIS has found the perfect partner for the EU

ROSSI customers outside of Switzerland have recently been able to order their favorite ROSSI bag from le shop vegan . ROSSIS itself only supplies customers within Switzerland. I wanted to know from Lili Schönbächler, the COO of ROSSIS, what is behind this decision and who is le shop vegan.

“Lili, why doesn’t ROSSIS deliver to Germany and other European countries itself?”

“We did that. We delivered to the EU both directly from Switzerland and later from a warehouse in Austria. But both were unsustainable and unsatisfactory for us, especially because of the returns.”

“When you make sustainable fashion, returns are an important point.”

“What do returns have to do with shipping to other countries?”

“When you make sustainable fashion, the transport routes from the warehouse to the customer and the returns are an important point. In Switzerland, customers have often known ROSSIS for a long time. They shop with us because they want sustainable fashion. These customers buy more consciously and send back far fewer.”

“Our customers don’t just order five bags in different colors and then send four back. You think about it, ask questions before ordering and thus avoid a lot of returns. If you do send something back, do so in the condition in which you received the bag. Clean and unused, so we don’t have to throw them away but can sell them again.”

Le shop vegan has a similar philosophy to ROSSIS

“Le shop vegan” is not just any online shop. They have a very similar philosophy to ROSSIS. le shop vegan also wants to combine sustainability and fashion. Like ours, the majority of your customers shop consciously. Anyone who shops vegan at le shop doesn't just want to shop, they want to shop sustainably and fairly. This makes le shop vegan an ideal partner for us.”

“How do ROSSIS customers outside of Switzerland know that they can buy their ROSSIS bag via le shop vegan?”

“We have linked le shop vegan in our customer service/shipping area. In addition, all customers will be made aware of this in a newsletter.”