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Everything you can know about ROSSIS bags - but don't have to.

Vegan what?

To be honest, when I first read that the ROSSIS bags are vegan, I had a question mark on my face. It was summer 2018 and until then I only knew the term vegan as a choice of food. But why on earth would I want to know that my bag is vegan. I want to wear them, fill them with my stuff or put them in the corner, but I certainly don't want to eat them!

So I asked the nice saleswoman in the ROSSIS store what exactly that means and she explained to me that the term vegan leather describes an imitation of leather. The word vegan indicates that no animals have to die or suffer to make the bags.

Vegan bags from ROSSIS

"Killing animals, only for fashion is something from 1990!"

Up until this point, I hadn't thought about the fact that we kill animals just to adorn ourselves with a pretty belt or an elegant bag. But it was immediately clear to me that vegan fashion makes total sense. Excited about this idea, I told my niece about it.

She just said: Aunt Laura, it's been there forever. Killing animals, just for fashion is something from 1990! ». - I felt a bit old and realized once again that Generation Z and Generation X women are a lot ahead of us when it comes to ecological fashion.

My niece told me that sustainable fashion is very important. Don't just buy any clothes or bags. They should be sustainably produced and ecological. Preferably recycling or upcycling fashion. "Excuse me what?" I asked. Of course I knew the word recycling, after all I was one of the hard-working glass and PET collectors. But the term upcycling was still new to me in 2018.

From recycling and upcycling fashion

We have known about recycling for paper and cardboard for a very long time. I told you how it works with PET in the last blog . At ROSSIS, for example, the lining materials for the new bags are made from old PET bottles.

Upcycling also uses materials that are no longer needed. However, these are not dismantled into their components, but "refurbished". For example, my niece made a pretty shoulder bag for her little cousin out of her old jeans. A beautiful example of upcycling, I think.

upcycling fashion

If you are interested in upcycling fashion, go to the sustainable living page . There you will find a lot of information on the subject.

You may be wondering why I am telling you a story from 2018. Well, I heard that ROSSIS has a new recycling project. So far I don't know much about it. However, my sources say it has something to do with old clothes.

I am excited! I'm meeting Francesco Rossi next week and of course I'll question him about the new project. And of course you will be the first to find out what is exciting about ROSSIS.

Your Laura