How many little things make a sustainable backpack really big.


It was my neighbor Nicole's birthday on Sunday. She turned 45 and decided to throw a big party. Nicole and I have known each other for a long time. She always waters my plants when I'm away so I wanted to give her a nice present.


Of course she knows that I write the blog for ROSSIS and has told me several times that she thinks the bags are very nice. Last winter she bought a Loredana Moss Green . Since then, I've often seen her coming home from work with it. As a rule, the bag is filled to the brim with purchases. Because Nicole has three boys between the ages of 14 and 18 who, according to her, eat more than a pack of hungry wolves.


Why the seams on the ROSSIS bags are on the outside

I thought a sustainable backpack would be just right for Nicole. So I went to the ROSSIS Pop Up Store at Kirchgasse 3 in Zurich to take a closer look at the backpacks . The first thing I picked up was a dark blue hatch . I noticed that the seams on the handles were on the outside. "Shouldn't the handles be the other way around?" I asked the saleswoman. She laughed. “Yes, many think so. But with the ROSSIS bags, the seams of the handles, shoulder straps and handles are always on the outside. That way they don't rub on your clothes or on your hands."


Sustainable backpack Luke with seam on the outside


I looked at the saleswoman in amazement. "Wow, that's really well thought out." I put the backpack on and immediately understood how clever the stitching is. I was wearing a thin white cardigan. If the edges of the fabric had been on the inside, like other bags, they could easily have snagged on my jacket and damaged it.


A sustainable backpack has to be more than beautiful

I opened the backpack to look inside. "All have a padded inner compartment to protect your laptop," the sales clerk told me. "Very cool," I replied in surprise and reached into the spacious backpack. "Like all ROSSIS bags, the sustainable Luke backpack also has a light-colored inner lining, so you can find your things better," the saleswoman added to her explanations. "And he has a lanyard for the key, too," I said, laughing.

I turned the open backpack in my hands and saw there, somewhat hidden, an inner compartment with a zipper. "It's safe for the wallet," I said to the clerk. "Exactly," she replied. It's attached in such a way that you can't just quickly reach in and steal your wallet .

Backpack lined with recycled PET

I also looked at the outside compartment. There were two pockets for cell phones, handkerchiefs, sunglasses, etc. and a large compartment that stretched across the entire width of the backpack. "Really well thought out," I said to the saleswoman. "Yes, a sustainable backpack should serve as many purposes as possible, so you don't need different backpacks for different occasions, just one."


August campaign Luke Sand Storm: ROSSIS gives you CHF 30!

I put the dark blue backpack back on. Next to it were more sustainable backpacks in warm yellow, subtle dusky pink, modern cactus green and one in a beautiful, dark sand brown. Automatically my hand reached for the later. This brown would suit Nicole perfectly! The saleswoman smiled at me. "If you buy it, we'll give you CHF 30". "That's nice," I replied. "What is the reason for that?" “ROSSIS is celebrating 30 years of vegan bags this year. We thought, for Switzerland's birthday, we'd give the Swiss people something in August. That's why you get CHF 30 free until the end of August if you buy a Luke Sand Storm .

When Nicole unpacked the backpack on Sunday, she was blown away. "He's great," she said. I explained to her that the lining is made from recycled PET bottles and that she could easily wash the backpack if it got dirty”. Nicole laughed. "If? I live with four men, all of whom constantly take my things without being asked. This backpack is probably the first time it's dirty before I've even carried it." We both laughed.

The next day I saw their youngest son Tim coming home from soccer practice. On his back the hatch Sand Strom . I had to smile. A sustainable backpack is also one that more than one generation can enjoy.

Your Laura