The new ROSSIS x Summer bag

This fall, ROSSIS is launching two bags that were not developed solely by the founder and creative mind Francesco Rossi. I have already told you about Sarai, the project of Sara, the internal sales employee at ROSSIS ( April 28th) . and 06.06 .)

The second vegan leather bag that ROSSIS is developing this year together with a young woman is a project with blogger Marina Sumer. This week I met Marina for an interview.

Who is Marina Summer?

“Marina, maybe not all readers know you. Please tell us: who is Marina Summer?”

“A passionate creative with a strong interest in sustainable fashion. I run my own company and work, among other things, as a creative director. I support customers in the areas of content creation and marketing. I also work as a model and brand ambassador for international brands such as L'Oréal Paris or Swiss fashion houses such as PKZ. A selection of my work is on my Instagram account @itsmarinasummer can be seen.

“How did the collaboration with ROSSIS come about?”

“I was a brand ambassador for PKZ for a shoot and an event. Francesco Rossi was also in the store during the event, because ROSSIS is also there PKZ available. He then came to me and asked if I would be interested in working together. I agreed immediately.”

“I already knew the brand thanks to PKZ and some models have even been part of my private wardrobe since 2021. I really like the Loredana shopper. ROSSIS and his many years of experience in creating vegan leather bags fascinated me from the start. I really appreciate this cooperation. So it was the perfect match!”

“What’s special about the MARINA bag?”

My goal was to design a vegan leather bag in which sustainability, trans-seasonality, multifunctionality and simple aesthetics play a central role.

At our first meeting, I shared with Francesco my vision of designing a business and travel bag - a kind of all-rounder that meets all of these points. He was enthusiastic about this idea and saw potential in expanding the range to include such a bag model. During the design process he supported me with his expertise and gave me valuable advice.”

“What does the vegan leather bag Marina stand for?”

“The bag is perfect for numerous situations. It is the ideal companion for the city, for a business meeting, for a weekend trip or as a beach bag for a beach holiday.”

“Like all vegan leather bags from ROSSIS, it has a very low weight. This guarantees exceptional wearing comfort. The spacious, organized interior with various interior compartments offers space for a laptop, travel essentials or even a bath towel and swimwear. It can also be closed with a zipper. The valuables are therefore well protected.”

“The high quality of the materials used such as the elegant, vegan leather, the chic color and the matching cut make it a timeless everyday companion. Like all vegan leather bags from ROSSIS, it is characterized by its robustness and is even washable.”

What was surprising for you in the design-production phase?”

I can pick up directly from my last sentence. I was amazed and very positively surprised at how robust and easy to care for the vegan bags are. I didn't dare wash my bag before the meetings with Francesco Rossi, but I wanted to test it after our discussions. The material can actually be cleaned very well and easily. A big plus point for me!”

“What do you like about the vegan leather bags from ROSSIS?”

“The minimalist design, as well as the combination of vegan leather, recycled and resource-saving lining material.”

“My vegan leather bags from ROSSIS have lasted for years. For me, that is also sustainability. I would rather invest in a high-quality designer bag that will last me for a long time than three cheap fast-fashion bags that will only last one season. The result: good style and a clear conscience.”

“I also find it remarkable how Francesco Rossi continually develops his techniques and continually brings innovative things onto the market. A true pioneer!”

“Thank you very much, Marina, for this interview. I’m really looking forward to being able to look at your bag in the store.”

Your Laura